South African Substitutes and Alternatives available in the UK

South African Substitutes, Alternatives and Replacements:

I am sure you all know the feeling and frustration of not being able to freely get your favourite products, or brands you are used to, specifically for cooking and baking purposes. But the UK does offer remarkably similar alternatives some as close as possible as you are ever going to get.

Below is a list of South African Products (Many restricted due to UK regulations) and their similar replacements.  Please drop me an email to add more alternatives which you may know of to grow this list, as we don’t need to pay a fortune buying South African products if the UK has great substitutes and alternatives on our doorstep.

Just a note - We not saying they are exactly the same, but they are as close as possible, freely available at your mainstream grocers, and most importantly won't break the bank. We aslo stock many of these alternatives, some of which are South African products, but more cost effective and equally matched.

PepperMint Crisp

Aero Bubbly Mint

Quality Street Match Makers Cool Mint

Koo Creamstyle Sweetcorn

 Libby's Creamed Style Corn

Bakers Tennis Biscuits
Henro All Day Anytime Treats (SA Product)
Robertsons Steak and Chop Spice SpiceBoyz Steak and Chop Seasoning (SA Product)
Melrose Cheese Spread Emporium Spreadable Strong Mature Cheddar
Oros Orange Squash
Lindhouse Orange Double Strength Squash
Robertsons Chicken Spice SpiceBoyz Chicken Seasoning (SA Product)
Mealie Meal Maize Meal Island Sun White Maize Meal
Feta Cheese ser Favita (Mlekovita)



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