Mumbai Spiceworks Kashmiri Wet Masala " Mother In Law " 100g - The South African Spaza Shop

Mumbai Spiceworks Kashmiri Wet Masala " Mother In Law " 100g

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Mumbai Spiceworks - Create a Masterpiece Everytime

Mumbai Spiceworks Authentic South African Indian

Mumbai Spiceworks Kashmiri Wet Masala 100g " Mother In Law "

Appetizing Aromas & Flavours - Traditional Indian cuisine is characterised by its sophisticated and subtle use of a variety of spices. Look no further than our range of fully imported Mumbai Spiceworks products directly from South Africa.

Mumbai Spiceworks provides the highest quality cooking ingredients, that will without a doubt ensure you create a culinary masterpiece of mouth-watering proportions. Every time.

Since 2001 Mumbai Spiceworks has been providing taste sensations to many loyal customers in South Africa, and now this famously known brand is available for those who are wanting their South African Flavours in the UK.

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