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Quench your thirst with Appletiser, South Africa's sparkling gem, now available in the UK at The South African Spaza Shop. Made from 100% apple juice, this fizzy delight is a sophisticated, sugar-free choice for every occasion. Explore its crisp taste and natural ingredients for a refreshing experience. Shop online or visit us in Swindon for your slice of South African vibrancy.


What is Appletiser? Discover South Africa's Sparkling Favourite

Discover the Refreshing World of Appletiser: A Taste of South Africa's Finest

At its core, Appletiser is more than just a beverage; it's a sparkling celebration of natural flavour and refreshment. Born in the lush Elgin Valley of South Africa in 1966, this premium drink has delighted taste buds worldwide with its crisp, apple-based zest. Perfectly blending fruit juice with carbonated water, its creator, Edmond Lombardi, introduced a refreshing alternative that stood out for its quality and taste.

Fast forward to today, and Appletiser has become a global icon, now part of The Coca-Cola Company's esteemed portfolio. Its journey from a local favourite to an international sensation showcases its universal appeal. Ideal for any occasion, Appletiser is the go-to choice for those seeking a sophisticated, healthier drink option without compromising on flavour. Join us as we delve into the sparkling world of Appletiser, a drink that truly captures the essence of South African vibrancy.

What is Appletiser

Origin and History

Appletiser, a name synonymous with premium sparkling beverages, traces its origins back to 1966. It was in the lush Elgin Valley of the Western Cape, South Africa, where Edmond Lombardi had the vision to blend fruit juice with carbonated water, creating a refreshingly sophisticated drink. Over the years, Appletiser has evolved from a locally-enjoyed beverage to a global icon, now under the stewardship of The Coca-Cola Company. Its journey from the Elgin Valley to international markets underscores its universal appeal and commitment to quality.


The core of Appletiser's allure lies in its simplicity and natural composition. Made from apple juice concentrate and carbon dioxide, it remains true to Lombardi’s original formula. This commitment to all-natural ingredients means Appletiser contains no added sugar or preservatives, setting it apart as a healthier choice for consumers seeking refreshment without compromise.

Flavour Varieties

Although Appletiser started with its classic apple flavour, the brand has expanded its offerings to include Grapetiser, which comes in both red and white grape variants. This diversification allows consumers to enjoy the same premium sparkling experience with different tastes. Each flavour maintains the brand's high standards, made from fruit juice concentrates with a delicate sparkle.

Health Benefits

Opting for Appletiser is more than just choosing a beverage; it's choosing a healthier lifestyle. With no added sugar and no preservatives, it's a fantastic choice for those mindful of their consumption. Furthermore, Appletiser is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, making it a versatile option for various dietary preferences. The natural fruit juice provides a source of hydration and enjoyment, without the guilt often associated with sugary soft drinks.

Serving Suggestions

Appletiser is wonderfully versatile, fitting perfectly into any occasion. Whether it's serving as a refreshing drink on a warm day, a sophisticated option for special occasions, or a delightful mixer in cocktails, its sparkling nature elevates every experience. We recommend chilling it thoroughly and serving it in a glass to appreciate its golden colour and effervescence fully. For those looking to explore its versatility in mixology, Appletiser pairs splendidly with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients, offering endless possibilities for creativity.

Where does Appletiser come from?


Appletiser, a sparkling apple juice, hails from the beautiful Elgin Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa. Originating in 1966, this premium beverage was created when Edmond Lombardi blended apple juice with carbonated water, striving for a refreshing but natural option. Appletiser stands out for its simplicity and elegance, made purely from apple juice concentrate and carbon dioxide, without any added sugar or preservatives. This drink's golden hue and crisp taste capture the essence of real apples, offering a sophisticated, refreshing choice for discerning consumers who value purity and quality. Appletiser’s commitment to natural ingredients and a delightful sparkling texture has contributed to its lasting popularity, making it a premium choice in the beverage market.

Red Grapetiser

Following the success of Appletiser, the brand expanded its offerings to include Red Grapetiser, adding a lush, vibrant twist to the original formula. Launched as part of the family in 1981, Red Grapetiser boasts a rich, deep colour and the sumptuous taste of sun-ripened red grapes. Like its predecessor, this variant maintains high standards by using grape juice concentrate and carbon dioxide, ensuring a natural, sugar-free experience. Red Grapetiser offers a luxurious alternative for those seeking sophistication in their beverage choices, bringing a taste of South Africa’s vineyards to consumers around the world. Its introduction highlighted the brand’s versatility and its commitment to catering to a range of preferences while maintaining the essence of quality and natural ingredients.

White Grapetiser

The introduction of White Grapetiser added another dimension to the Grapetiser range, offering a lighter, more delicate option to enthusiasts of the brand. Launched alongside Red Grapetiser, this variant captures the essence of white grape juice, blending it with carbon dioxide to create a sparkling beverage that’s both refreshing and elegant. The choice of white grapes results in a crisp, clean taste and a golden straw colour that appeals to those who appreciate the finer things in life. White Grapetiser continues to embody the brand’s dedication to quality, natural ingredients, and a sugar-free composition. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a mixer, White Grapetiser epitomizes the luxury and natural purity that the Grapetiser range is celebrated for, making it a beloved choice among those who desire a sophisticated, sparkling drink that’s authentically South African.

Shop Appletiser Online

With the increasing desire for a taste of home among the South African community in the UK, South African shops have become more popular than ever. Among these, The South African Spaza Shop in Swindon has carved a niche for itself, thanks to the passion and dedication of its owner, Steven East. Originating from Durban, Steven's move to Swindon was marred by the absence of familiar comforts, most notably, Appletiser. This longing led to the inception of our store, aimed at offering South Africans living in the UK a slice of home.

Our journey began with the introduction of Appletiser, a sparkling apple juice beloved by many, to our inventory. Our commitment to bringing South African favourites to the UK didn't stop there. We've since expanded our offerings, ensuring that anyone craving the crisp, refreshing taste of Appletiser can find it with us. Our store in Swindon stands as a testament to our dedication, but we understand that not everyone can visit us in person.

Recognising this, we've made it convenient for our customers across the UK to shop online. Whether you're in Scotland, Wales, England, or Ireland, our website serves as a portal for you to access a taste of South Africa. Our delivery options ensure that no matter where you are, a refreshing can of Appletiser is within reach. We encourage our friends from Ireland to make the journey to our store; we're always here to help and make your visit worthwhile.

In sum, The South African Spaza Shop is more than just a place to buy Appletiser. It's a bridge to home for many South Africans in the UK. Our store in Swindon and our online platform are reflections of our commitment to serving the South African community, offering them the comfort of familiar tastes with the convenience of modern shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Appletiser included in your 5-a-day?

Appletiser, made from 100% gently sparkling apple juice, perfectly contributes one of your 5-a-day with just 150ml consumed. Its natural fruity essence makes every meal more delightful.

Can Appletiser be used as a mixer for drinks?

Absolutely, Appletiser's fizzy and fruity nature works wonders as a mixer. For a sublime taste, pair it with seasonal local fruits. It's straightforward yet an effervescent addition to any drink.

Is Appletiser purely apple juice?

Yes, for over five decades, Appletiser has uniquely crafted its sparkling drink from 100% natural apple juice. Free from added sugars, colourants, or preservatives, it offers a refreshing choice for any occasion.

Does Appletiser contain alcohol?

No, Appletiser is completely alcohol-free. Delivering a sophisticated, indulgent taste, it's the ideal soft drink for those who prefer non-alcoholic refreshments without compromising on the taste.

Is Appletiser still available in the UK?

Yes, AG Barr has announced a relaunch of the Tizer brand in the UK, including a new logo and strapline. While it maintains its iconic red, yellow, white, green, and blue colours, the brand is getting a fresh update to connect with contemporary British pop culture.