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Our products include Biltong, Ouma Rusks, Flings, Romany Creams and a wide range of grocery items. Check out our range of delectable Mrs Balls Chutneys, Steers Sauces and the range of BBQ and curry spices and masala.
Crown National & Freddy Hirsch Biltong, Boerewors, Dry Wors and Jerky spices and seasonings are favorites for the enthusiast looking to make their own.

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A Reminder Of Where We Come From

The beauty of South Africa is breathed through the smiles of friendly faces, the mosaic of cultures and cuisines, and the complex history that has shaped it. But, most of all, it is the natural splendor of this country that sets it apart. South Africa's landscapes are made up of valleys, mountains, forests, deserts, coastlines, and grassy savannahs that are breath-taking in their picturesque scale.

Some of the planet's most exciting wildlife species can be found here, so it is not surprising that South Africa is home to a collection of the most abundant and diverse game reserves on earth. This country truly is a masterpiece; the perfect portrayal of the magic that is the African continent...

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A Taste Of Home

5 Must-Have South African Sauces and How to Use Them

5 Must-Have South African Sauces and How to Use Them

South African cuisine is renowned for its vibrant and diverse flavours, and a significant part of this culinary experience comes from its wide range of delicious sauces. These sauces not only add depth and complexity to dishes but also bring a taste of South African tradition to your meals. Here are five must-have South African sauces and tips on how to use them, all available from the South African Spaza Shop.

1. Mrs Ball's Chutney

Description: Mrs Ball's Chutney is perhaps the most famous South African sauce, known for its sweet and tangy flavour. Made from peaches and apricots, this chutney has a versatile use in many dishes.

How to Use: Mrs Ball's Chutney is perfect as a condiment for meats, especially cold cuts and curries. It can also be used as a glaze for roasting meats or as a dipping sauce for snacks like samosas and spring rolls.

2. Jimmy's Sauces Steakhouse Sauce

Description: Jimmy's Steakhouse Sauce is a rich and savoury sauce that enhances the flavour of grilled and barbecued meats. Its robust taste makes it a favourite for braais (South African barbecues).

How to Use: This sauce can be used as a marinade for steaks, ribs, and chicken. It also works wonderfully as a basting sauce while grilling to keep the meat juicy and flavourful.

3. Minnie's Aged Chilli Sauce

Description: Minnie's Aged Chilli Sauce brings a perfect balance of heat and flavour. It’s crafted with aged chillies, providing a deep, complex heat that enhances various dishes.

How to Use: Use Minnie's Aged Chilli Sauce to spice up your stews, soups, and stir-fries. It also makes an excellent addition to marinades, giving your grilled meats a spicy kick. For a quick snack, drizzle it over pizza or nachos.

4. Veri Peri Lemon & Herb Sauce

Description: Veri Peri's Lemon & Herb Sauce is a refreshing blend of citrus and herbs. This zesty sauce is ideal for adding a fresh and tangy note to your dishes.

How to Use: This sauce pairs excellently with chicken, especially when used as a marinade or finishing sauce. It’s also great for drizzling over roasted vegetables or using as a salad dressing to give your greens a burst of flavour.

5. Spur Steak Sauce

Description: Spur Steak Sauce is a creamy and savoury sauce perfect for enhancing the taste of your favourite steaks and other cuts of meat. Known for its rich and slightly tangy flavour, it's a staple in many South African households.

How to Use: Brush Spur Steak Sauce onto steaks, ribs, or even burgers before grilling or during the cooking process. It can also be used as a dipping sauce for chips or wedges, adding a gourmet touch to simple snacks.

Bringing South African Flavours to Your Table

Incorporating these must-have South African sauces into your cooking not only enriches your meals with unique flavours but also connects you with South African culinary traditions. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or simply looking to spice up a salad, these sauces from the South African Spaza Shop offer an authentic taste of South Africa. Enjoy experimenting with these sauces and discover how they can transform your everyday dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences.

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Top 10 South African Snacks to Try This Summer

Top 10 South African Snacks to Try This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to explore new and exciting snacks, and South African cuisine offers a delightful array of options. If you're in the UK and looking to add a bit of South African flavour to your summer snacking, here are ten top South African snacks you should try, all available from our shop.

1. Biltong
A classic South African snack, biltong is air-dried, cured meat, typically beef. It's similar to jerky but prepared with different spices, resulting in a unique flavour. Biltong is high in protein, making it a great healthy snack option.

2. Droewors
Droewors are dried sausages made from beef and seasoned with coriander. These sausages are air-dried, making them chewy and full of flavour. They’re a perfect snack for road trips or outdoor activities.

3. Ouma Rusks
These traditional South African biscuits are ideal for dunking in tea or coffee. Ouma Rusks come in various flavours, including buttermilk, muesli, and condensed milk, offering a crunchy and satisfying snack.

4. Simba Chips
Simba Chips are a beloved South African brand offering a variety of flavours that are not commonly found in the UK. Popular choices include Chakalaka, Mrs Ball's Chutney, and Tomato Sauce flavour.

5. Flings
Flings are light, puffy corn snacks that melt in your mouth. These are especially popular with children but are equally enjoyed by adults looking for a light and tasty snack.

6. Romany Creams
Romany Creams are delicious chocolate coconut biscuits that come in several varieties, such as Original, Cappuccino, and Caramel. They are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

7. Mrs Ball's Chutney
While technically a condiment, Mrs Ball's Chutney is so versatile that it deserves a spot on this list. It's perfect for dipping, spreading on sandwiches, or adding a tangy flavour to your favourite dishes.

 8. Jungle Oats 
Jungle Oats is South Africa's favourite porridge brand, renowned for its wholesome, nutritious qualities and rich heritage. Made from 100% wholegrain rolled oats, it provides a hearty, energy-boosting start to the day.  Whether hot or cold, Jungle Oats offers a satisfying and nourishing meal option for all ages.

9. Peppermint Crisp
This chocolate bar is a South African favourite, featuring a crisp, mint-flavoured centre covered in rich chocolate. It’s a refreshing treat for hot summer days.

10. Guava Fruit Roll

The Safari Guava Fruit Roll, delightful snack made from real guava pulp. This fruit roll offers a sweet and tangy flavour, making it a perfect treat for those who enjoy tropical fruit snacks. It's not only tasty but also convenient for on-the-go snacking, providing a burst of natural fruit goodness in every bite. Ideal for both adults and children, this fruit roll is a refreshing addition to your snack collection.

Where to Find These Snacks

All these delicious South African snacks can be conveniently ordered online from the South African Spaza Shop, ensuring you get a taste of South Africa delivered right to your doorstep in the UK. Whether you're planning a summer picnic, a beach outing, or just looking to enjoy some unique flavours, these snacks are sure to delight your taste buds and offer a genuine taste of South African cuisine.

Exploring South African snacks not only introduces you to new flavours but also connects you with the vibrant culture and culinary traditions of South Africa. So, this summer, expand your snacking horizons and indulge in some of these top South African treats. Happy snacking!

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Spotlight on South African Beverages: From Rooibos Tea to Amarula

Spotlight on South African Beverages: From Rooibos Tea to Amarula

South African beverages offer a fascinating glimpse into the country’s diverse culture and natural bounty. From herbal teas to iconic liqueurs, South African drinks provide a range of flavours and experiences that are as varied as the nation itself. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most beloved South African beverages, each with its unique story and taste.

1. Rooibos Tea
Rooibos tea, also known as red bush tea, is perhaps the most famous of all South African beverages. Native to the Cederberg region, this caffeine-free herbal tea is renowned for its rich, earthy flavour and numerous health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, rooibos tea is enjoyed hot or iced, often with a slice of lemon or a touch of honey. Its soothing properties make it a popular choice for relaxation and wellness.

2. Amarula
Amarula is a world-famous South African cream liqueur made from the fruit of the marula tree. This unique beverage combines the exotic, fruity notes of marula with velvety cream to create a rich, indulgent drink. Often enjoyed over ice or in cocktails, Amarula’s distinctive taste and creamy texture have earned it a loyal following both in South Africa and internationally.

3. South African Alcohols
South Africa boasts some of the oldest and most renowned wine regions in the world. Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschhoek are just a few of the areas known for their exceptional vineyards. South African wines, particularly Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, offer a range of flavours from crisp and refreshing to robust and full-bodied. The country’s wine industry is celebrated for its innovation and quality, making it a must-try for any wine enthusiast.

4. Umqombothi
Umqombothi is a traditional South African beer made from maize, sorghum malt, yeast, and water. This homebrewed beer is rich in cultural significance and often consumed during traditional ceremonies and celebrations. With its thick, slightly sour taste, Umqombothi is a beverage that embodies the communal and celebratory spirit of South African culture.

5. Castle Lager
Castle Lager is one of South Africa’s most popular commercial beers. First brewed in 1895, this refreshing lager has become a staple at social gatherings and braais (barbecues) across the country. Known for its smooth, crisp taste, Castle Lager is a quintessential South African beverage that captures the laid-back vibe of the nation.

6. Springbok Shooter
The Springbok shooter is a vibrant green and gold cocktail named after South Africa’s national rugby team. Made with layers of peppermint liqueur and Amarula, this visually striking drink is a favourite at celebrations and sporting events. The combination of minty freshness and creamy sweetness makes it a delightful party beverage.

7. Gemmerbier
Gemmerbier, or ginger beer, is a popular homemade beverage in South Africa. Made from fermented ginger, sugar, and water, this fizzy drink is enjoyed for its refreshing and slightly spicy flavour. Often served at family gatherings and traditional events, gemmerbier is a beloved drink that offers a taste of South African hospitality.

8. Van der Hum Liqueur
Van der Hum is a distinctive South African liqueur made from brandy, naartjie (tangerine) peel, and a blend of spices. With its rich, citrusy aroma and complex flavour profile, Van der Hum is enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It’s a unique beverage that reflects the country’s creative spirit in liqueur making.

9. Mageu
Mageu is a traditional South African non-alcoholic beverage made from fermented mealie (maize) pap. This thick, creamy drink is often flavoured with vanilla, strawberry, or banana, and is enjoyed for its nutritional benefits. Mageu is a staple in many South African households, particularly as a refreshing drink during hot weather.

10. Pinotage Coffee
A modern twist on traditional beverages, Pinotage coffee is a fusion of South Africa’s signature red wine grape and rich coffee flavours. This innovative drink combines the best of both worlds, offering a unique taste experience that is distinctly South African.

Exploring South African beverages provides a window into the country’s rich culinary heritage and diverse palate. From the calming rooibos tea to the indulgent Amarula, each drink tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the vibrant culture of South Africa. Whether you’re a tea enthusiast, a wine lover, or someone looking to try something new, view our shop to see our selection of drinks now!
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