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Biltong Sticks

Indulge in the tastiest biltong sticks from The South African Spaza Shop, featuring our SA Spaza "Stokkies" Bites in traditional and chilli flavours. Perfectly seasoned with a blend of authentic South African spices, our biltong sticks offer a delicious, high-protein snack for any time of day. Experience the taste of South Africa with our crafted 100g and 200g packs, tailored for those who savour rich flavours. Shop now to elevate your snacking game with our premium biltong sticks.
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Biltong Sticks

History of Biltong Sticks

As lovers of authentic South African flavours, we've witnessed biltong sticks grow in popularity across the UK. It all began when our founder, Steven East, moved from South Africa to Swindon. Missing the taste of home, specifically biltong, Steven was driven to share this part of his heritage. This led to the inception of The South African Spaza Shop, a beacon for South Africans in the UK craving a slice of home.

Biltong, in its essence, is a form of dried, cured meat that originated in South Africa. It differs from similar products like jerky in both taste and preparation methods. Biltong sticks, slices, and droëwors are all popular forms of this traditional snack, each offering a unique experience. Biltong sticks are known for their substantial size and robust flavour, ideal for those seeking a hearty snack. Slices offer a more versatile eating experience, perfect for adding to dishes or enjoying on the go. Droëwors, on the other hand, is a dried sausage variant that shares biltong's spice palette but differs in texture and form.

Recognising the diverse preferences of our clientele, we pride ourselves on providing these various forms of biltong. Whether it's the convenience of biltong sticks, the versatility of slices, or the distinctiveness of droëwors, there's something for every taste preference.

Our dedication to authentic South African flavours has not only made us a popular stop for those in Swindon but has extended our reach across the UK. Customers can visit our store in Swindon to experience our wide selection first-hand or browse our offerings on our website. We ensure that everyone, whether they're in Scotland, Wales, England, or visiting from Ireland, can enjoy our biltong sticks and other products. Delivery options are available for those who prefer the convenience of having their South African favourites delivered straight to their door.

Our journey from a simple longing for home to becoming a key provider of South African delicacies in the UK is a testament to the growing affection for biltong sticks and their cultural significance.

Nutritional Benefits

As our customers' interest in healthier snacking options grows, we find that biltong sticks increasingly become a top choice for those seeking both flavour and nutrition. The lean nature of the beef used in biltong, combined with the traditional South African preparation methods, lends this snack some impressive health credentials, especially when compared to other snack foods. Let's delve deeper into the benefits of choosing biltong sticks as part of a balanced diet.

High Protein Content

One of the standout features of biltong sticks is their High Protein Content. We ensure that every 100g portion of our biltong sticks contains over 50g of protein. This is especially significant for individuals who are constantly on the lookout for foods that can support muscle growth and repair, making our biltong an excellent choice for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone with a high-protein diet requirement. Protein, being a macronutrient, is not just beneficial for muscle repair but is also essential for a variety of bodily functions, including hormonal balance and the production of enzymes and antibodies.

Low Fat Content

Our commitment to offering a snack that's not only tasty but also aligns with health-conscious consumers has led us to focus on ensuring our biltong sticks have a Low Fat Content. Unlike many other snacks that can contain high levels of saturated fats, our biltong sticks are made from totally lean topside beef with no fat, leading to them having a medium to medium-well consistency. This makes our biltong sticks an excellent choice for those watching their dietary fat intake or anyone looking for a light yet satisfying snack that doesn't compromise on health.

Our unique drying process and careful selection of spices add that unmatched flavour without the need for added fats, making our biltong sticks a guilt-free indulgence. Whether you're in Scotland, Wales, England, or visiting from Ireland, our store in Swindon and our website offers an easy way for you to enjoy the nutritional benefits of our biltong sticks. For us, it's about bringing a taste of South Africa to your doorstep, combining the unbeatable flavours of home with the nutritional needs of modern lifestyles.

Biltong Sticks: Different Flavours and Varieties

As biltong sticks continue to gain popularity in the UK, we, at The South African Spaza Shop, lead the charge in bringing this South African culinary treasure to the local market. Our founder, Steven East, ignited this passion when he moved from South Africa to Swindon, driven by a longing for the taste of home. Recognising this craving among South Africans in the UK, he embarked on a mission to share biltong, particularly biltong sticks, with a wider audience. Our shop has since become a beacon for those seeking authentic South African flavours, underlined by years of dedicated service and a deep understanding of what makes biltong so unique.

Traditional Biltong Sticks

Our Traditional Biltong Sticks are a nod to the classic preparation and flavours of South Africa. Made with care, these sticks capture the essence of home for many expatriates. They are prepared using high-quality beef, seasoned with a blend of traditional spices before being air-dried to perfection. This process ensures each bite is packed with flavour and the authentic taste of South Africa. Customers can enjoy these delights by either swinging by our store in Swindon or ordering them online, with delivery options available across Scotland, Wales, England, and an open invitation for our friends in Ireland to visit us in-store.

Chilli Biltong Sticks

For those who prefer a bit of heat in their snacks, our Chilli Biltong Sticks are the perfect choice. These sticks incorporate the same high-quality beef and meticulous preparation process as our traditional variety but are enhanced with a spicy chilli seasoning. The balance between the beef's rich taste and the spice's warmth offers a robust flavour profile that has won over many of our customers. Whether you're looking to add some excitement to your snack time or seeking a spicy compliment to your meals, our Chilli Biltong Sticks deliver. As with our traditional biltong sticks, they're available for purchase or collection from our Swindon store, or for delivery through our website.

By offering these distinct flavours and varieties, we cater to a range of palates and preferences, ensuring that everyone can find a biltong stick that resonates with them. Our commitment to authenticity, quality, and flavour has solidified our position as a key player in the UK market, and we're proud to share a piece of South African culinary culture with our customers.

Shop Biltong Sticks Online

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed an undeniable surge in the popularity of biltong sticks in the UK. Amongst the plethora of options available, The South African Spaza Shop stands out, thanks to a deep-rooted passion for bringing a taste of South Africa to British shores. The story began when our founder, Steven East, moved from South Africa to Swindon. Missing the familiar taste of biltong, especially biltong sticks, Steven embarked on a mission to fill this gap. His vision was simple: to offer South Africans living in the UK a slice of home, while also introducing locals to this protein-rich delicacy.

Biltong, in its various forms, is a beloved snack originating from South Africa, but it’s the biltong sticks that truly capture the essence of traditional biltong. Unlike biltong slices, which are cut from larger cured pieces, biltong sticks are made from marinated, dried meat, seasoned with a blend of spices before being air-dried to perfection. The key difference lies in the texture and taste. Biltong sticks provide a more concentrated flavour and firmer texture, making them ideal for those who enjoy a heartier snack. Then there’s droewors, a dried sausage cousin to biltong sticks, offering a different yet equally delicious experience.

Our shop in Swindon has become a local haven for those looking to indulge in these savoury treats. However, understanding the modern-day convenience of online shopping, we’ve also made it simple to shop biltong sticks online. Our website hosts a variety of biltong products, allowing customers to browse and buy from the comfort of their homes. Whether you're in Scotland, Wales, England, or even Ireland (and willing to drop by our store), we've got you covered.

For those nearby or preferring a more personal touch, our Swindon store welcomes you to collect your orders directly. This direct interaction not only allows us to meet our valuable customers but also provides an opportunity to share the rich history and passion behind our products firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat biltong?

Yes, dogs can eat biltong in moderation. It's high in protein and fat, which can cause weight gain if consumed in large amounts.

What do you eat biltong with?

Biltong can be enjoyed with various cheeses such as cheddar, gouda, or brie. Mixing it with nuts like almonds, cashews, or pistachios makes a great snack, as does pairing it with dried fruits like apricots, mangoes, or cranberries.

What are biltong sticks?

Biltong sticks are whole sticks of beef that have been spiced, air-dried, and sourced from free-range, local farms. They offer a concentrated flavour and firmer texture.

What is healthier biltong or jerky?

Biltong is healthier than jerky due to its natural beef flavour, no added sugars or carbohydrates, and considerably lower sodium content, making it a nutritious choice.

Why is biltong so expensive?

The cost of biltong is attributed to the controlled drying process, which demands significant electricity and time. Additionally, packaging, marketing, and distribution expenses also increase the price of biltong.