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Droewors | Dry Wors | Droe wors

Discover the authentic taste of South Africa with our premium droewors, available in traditional, garlic peri-peri, and smokey barbeque flavours. Made with high-quality meats and a unique blend of spices, our droewors are perfect for snacking, grilling, or adding a flavorful kick to your meals. Explore our 200g and 500g options to satisfy all your cravings. Experience the richness of South African cuisine with our carefully crafted droewors.
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What is Droewors?

Droewors, or "dry wors," plays a significant role in the world of South African cured meats, standing out amidst the wide variety of biltong products. It's a traditional dried sausage that we, at The South African Spaza Shop, take great pride in offering to the UK market. Our journey began when Steven East, our founder, moved from South Africa to Swindon, bringing with him a passion for the authentic flavours of his homeland, especially biltong and droewors.

The UK's appetite for these South African delicacies has been growing exponentially. Biltong, in its various forms, including sticks, slices, and droewors, has garnered a dedicated following. While all biltong shares a fundamental drying process and spice mix, droewors are distinguished by its sausage form. Unlike biltong sticks or slices, which are typically made from beef cuts, droewors is ground meat, seasoned with traditional spices, and filled into natural casings before being air-dried.

What sets us apart at The South African Spaza Shop is not just our authenticity but also our accessibility. For years, we've been catering to the cravings of South Africans in the UK, as well as introducing locals to the rich flavours of our traditional snacks. Whether it's the tangy zest of coriander in droewors or the robust beefiness of biltong sticks, our products promise to transport your taste buds straight to the heart of South Africa.

Our commitment extends beyond just offering the finest droewors and biltong. We've made it convenient for everyone in Scotland, Wales, England, and even those from Ireland to enjoy our specialities. You can pop into our store in Swindon for a direct pick-up or easily order through our website for delivery right to your doorstep. It's our mission to share the love and passion we have for South African flavours, making sure that wherever you are in the UK, a piece of South Africa is never too far away.

Drywors? Droe wors? or Droëwors?

When we delve into the fascinating world of traditional South African snacks, droewors takes centre stage, particularly in the UK where its popularity has surged in recent years. But first, let's address the common question about its name. Whether dry wors, droe wors, or droëwors, they all refer to the same beloved dried sausage, deeply rooted in South African culinary traditions. The variations in spelling reflect the diverse pronunciations and regions where it's enjoyed.

At the heart of our offerings at The South African Spaza Shop is droewors. We're proud to stand out by providing authentic South African flavours in the UK, a mission born from a personal longing for the taste of home. Our founder, Steven East, moved from South Africa to Swindon and craved the distinctive taste of biltong and droewors. It wasn't just about satisfying personal cravings; it was about sharing this piece of South African heritage with others. This inspired the inception of our shop, aiming to bring South Africans living in the UK a slice of home and introduce locals to our rich flavours.

Understanding the differences between biltong and droewors is essential. While both are dried meats, they vary significantly in preparation and taste. Biltong can come in various forms, including sticks and slices, mainly made from whole cuts of beef seasoned and dried. On the other hand, droewors is a dried sausage, seasoned with traditional spices including coriander, and made from minced meat, offering a unique way of enjoying dried meat with a familiar sausage shape.

Our commitment extends beyond our store in Swindon; we're dedicated to making our products as accessible as possible. Whether you're craving the tangy taste of biltong slices or the unique flavour of droewors, our offerings can be collected in-store or conveniently delivered to your doorstep across Scotland, Wales, and England. And for our friends in Ireland, we're always delighted to welcome you to our store to help find exactly what you're looking for.

So, whether you call it dry wors, droe wors, or droëwors, we invite you to experience the taste of South Africa with us.

History of Droewors

Where Did Droewors Come From?

Droewors, which translates directly to "dry sausage" in Afrikaans, is a beloved snack that originated from Southern Africa. Its heritage is deeply entwined with that of biltong, another South African delicacy. The inception of droewors dates back several centuries, with its roots in the pioneering days when preserving meat was not just culinary art but a necessity for survival. Our ancestors dried meat to ensure it could be stored and consumed over extended periods, especially during long journeys or in times when fresh meat was scarce. This tradition evolved over time, leading to the creation of droewors, a thinner version of the traditional boerewors sausage, which was easier to dry and less prone to spoiling.

What's the Difference Between Droewors and Biltong?

While both droewors and biltong are dried meats and hold a special place in South African culture, there are distinct differences between the two. Biltong can be made from a variety of meats, including beef and game, and is available in sticks, slices, or chunks. It involves curing the meat with vinegar and spices before drying. Droewors, on the other hand, is specifically made from minced beef or sometimes a mixture of beef and mutton, then spiced predominantly with coriander before being stuffed into casings and dried. The key difference lies in their preparation and form; biltong is more akin to jerky in texture, whereas droewors is a dried sausage, offering a unique taste and texture experience.

Traditional Preparation

The traditional preparation of droewors involves a meticulous process of grinding and mixing the meats, adding spices, and then stuffing this mixture into natural casings. These casings are then hung to dry in conditions that mimic the warm South African climate. This air-drying process, relying largely on the climate, is crucial in achieving the perfect droewors with its characteristic flavour and texture.

As droewors' popularity grows in the UK, we at The South African Spaza Shop are proud to bring this traditional South African snack to the homes of expats and locals alike. Our founder, Steven East, moved from South Africa to Swindon, bringing with him not just memories but a passion for the tastes of home. Missing the flavours of biltong and particularly droewors, he was motivated to introduce these delectable snacks to the UK market. We've been in business for years, dedicated to offering an authentic South African culinary experience.

Our droewors, along with other forms of biltong, can be collected from our store in Swindon or ordered online for delivery across Scotland, Wales, and England. We've ensured that our website is user-friendly, allowing everyone the convenience of enjoying our foods regardless of where they are in the UK. We also welcome our Irish friends to visit our store, ensuring that the taste of South Africa is accessible to as many people as possible. Whether it's the tangy, seasoned flavour of droewors or the savoury, chewy texture of biltong sticks and slices you crave, we're here to satisfy your needs with our quality, traditionally prepared snacks.

Ingredients Used in Droewors

When it comes to crafting the authentic taste of South Africa right here in the UK, understanding the key ingredients in droewors, or dry wors as it's sometimes known, is fundamental. Our passion for delivering traditional South African flavours drives us to meticulously select each component that goes into our droewors. Let's dive into what makes our droewors standout.

Meat Selection

The foundation of droewors is, unquestionably, the meat. High-quality beef is pivotal to achieving the rich, savoury taste and tender texture that droewors are renowned for. Unlike biltong that can be made from full steaks, droewors require minced meat. We have always been committed to using only the best cuts for our droewors, opting for top-quality beef. This choice ensures that every bite of our droewors not only melts in your mouth but also upholds the authentic South African droewors tradition. The strict selection process guarantees that all our meats are sourced from within the UK, adhering to the highest standards and full traceability.

Spices and Seasonings

The distinct flavour profile of droewors is largely attributed to its unique blend of spices and seasonings. Our traditional recipe includes a mix of coriander, pepper, nutmeg, and cloves. These spices not just add depth and complexity to the flavour but also echo the heritage of South African cuisine. Coriander, in particular, is a staple in droewors seasoning, imparting a warm, citrusy note that is instantly recognizable. In our quest to deliver the most authentic droewors available in the UK, we've painstakingly sourced and roasted these spices to perfection.

Moreover, the use of natural casings made from sheep intestines further distinguishes our droewors. This choice not only contributes to the sausage's distinctive texture but also aligns with traditional methods, ensuring that our droewors remain faithful to their roots.

By carefully selecting and combining these ingredients, we‘ve found the perfect recipe that celebrates the rich tradition of South African droewors while also catering to the tastes of our customers in the UK. Whether you're an expat longing for a taste of home or a local intrigued by new flavours, our droewors promise an unforgettable culinary journey.

Health Benefits of Droewors

In recent years, we've seen an exciting growth in the popularity of South African cuisines in the UK, particularly the beloved droewors. Known as "dry wors", this delicacy has found a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of not only South Africans living here but also locals who've developed a taste for its unique flavour and texture. At The South African Spaza Shop, we've been at the forefront of bringing authentic South African snacks like droewors to the UK market. Our journey began when Steven East, the founder, moved from South Africa to Swindon and noticed a gap in the market for high-quality biltong and droewors. Missing the taste of home, he set up The South African Spaza Shop to cater to fellow expatriates and introduce these treats to a wider audience.

Biltong and Droewors: Understanding the Differences

While both biltong and droewors are integral parts of the South African snacking tradition, they boast distinct differences that set them apart. Biltong comes in various forms - sticks, slices, and droewors - each offering a unique eating experience. Biltong sticks and slices are made from strips of beef, cured and dried with a mix of spices, resulting in a chewy, flavorful snack. On the other hand, droewors or "dry wors" is essentially a dried sausage, made from minced beef and spices, including coriander, cloves, and nutmeg, encased in natural intestines before being hung to dry. It's a thinner variant of the traditional boerewors yet carries a stronger, spicier punch that has gained considerable favour among our customers.

Shop Droewors Online

In recent years, we've witnessed an escalating interest in South African cuisine across the UK. Particularly, droewors, also known as dry wors, has carved out a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts. Our journey at The South African Spaza Shop began when Steven East, our founder, moved from South Africa to Swindon. Yearning for the taste of home, especially the unique flavor of biltong and droewors, he set his sights on introducing these beloved snacks to the UK market.

Steven’s passion for sharing the taste of South Africa with others led to the establishment of our store. We take pride in offering authentic droewors and biltong, bringing a slice of South African culture to the UK. The differences between biltong and droewors are notable, yet each offers a taste of the rich culinary heritage of South Africa. Biltong, available in sticks and slices, is a dried and cured meat that comes in various cuts. On the other hand, droewors is a dried sausage, known for its thinner shape that ensures quicker drying and a spicier flavour, thanks to the coriander seed spices used in its preparation.

Our commitment to authentic experiences does not stop at our store's doors in Swindon. Recognising the growing demand for our products, we've expanded our offerings through our website, allowing us to deliver the taste of South Africa directly to homes across Scotland, Wales, and England. We’re especially delighted to welcome friends from Ireland into our store, ensuring everyone can enjoy a piece of South Africa, no matter where they are in the UK.

Whether customers are looking to collect their favourite snacks in person or prefer the convenience of having them delivered, our range of biltong and droewors stand out for their quality and authenticity. It's more than just food; it's a way for us to share and celebrate the vibrant culture of South Africa with the UK, bringing people together over shared tastes and delightful culinary discoveries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is South African cuisine becoming more popular in the UK?

Yes, South African cuisine is gaining popularity in the UK, with snacks like droewors and biltong becoming more sought after, thanks to stores like the South African Spaza Shop in Swindon.

What is droewors?

Droewors is a type of dried sausage, originating from South Africa, known for its spicier taste and unique shape that allows it to dry quicker than other meats.

How does the South African Spaza Shop ensure the authenticity of its products?

The South African Spaza Shop, founded by Steven East, prides itself on offering genuine South African flavours like biltong and droewors, ensuring authenticity by adhering to traditional recipes and preparation methods.

Can you buy South African snacks online in the UK?

Yes, the South African Spaza Shop has expanded its reach through online sales, allowing customers across Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland to purchase authentic South African snacks like biltong and droewors.

What distinguishes biltong from droewors?

Biltong and droewors are both made from beef and seasoned with coriander, but biltong is a whole piece of meat sliced after drying, while droewors is ground beef mixed with fat and spices, stuffed in a casing, and then dried.

Are there health considerations to keep in mind when consuming biltong and droewors?

Yes, as processed meats, both biltong and droewors may increase the risk of certain cancers due to high sodium and fat content in some varieties, so consumption should be moderated.