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Jelly Tots

Everyone has their own favourites when it comes to your childhood greats, but no one can deny that South African Sweets are absolutely divine. 

Explore the best of South Africa with Beacon's jelly tots! Available online and at our UK store, indulge in the authentic taste. Perfect for sweet lovers seeking a touch of home.

Jelly Tots

We've seen a surge in the popularity of South African shops across the UK, from Scotland to Wales to England, bringing a taste of home to many. At the South African Spaza Shop, located in the heart of Swindon and online, we're at the forefront of this trend. We're not just any South African shop; we're a bridge to those cherished flavours and memories, especially for those who've been missing the iconic Beacon Jelly Tots.

As one of the most sought-after South African shops in the UK, we understand the nostalgia and joy that comes with a packet of Beacon Jelly Tots. Discontinued elsewhere, these beloved sweets find a new home with us. Our commitment is to deliver not just a product, but an experience—a taste of South Africa, right here in the UK.

History of Beacon

Beacon's Jelly Tots have become an iconic snack, not just in South Africa, but increasingly in the UK, thanks to their irresistible combination of fruity flavours and chewy texture. With Steven East's move from South Africa to Swindon, he recognised a craving for these nostalgic treats amongst the South African expat community. Understanding the joy these small sweets could bring, Steven decided to fill this gap in the market, leading to The South African Spaza Shop becoming a beacon of hope for those missing a taste of home.

Our store in Swindon has been serving the community for years, offering Beacon's famous Jelly Tots among other cherished South African goods. These sweets, renowned for their variety of flavours like lime, strawberry, and orange, have made our shop a popular destination not just for those living in and around Swindon but for visitors from Scotland, Wales, and even England. Our aim has always been to provide a slice of South Africa right here in the UK.

Recognising the digital age and the convenience it brings, we've also made it possible for our customers to purchase Beacon's Jelly Tots online, ensuring that those cherished flavours are never out of reach. Whether you're in England, Scotland, or Wales, our delivery service ensures that you can enjoy these sweets without leaving your home. And for our friends in Ireland, we warmly invite you to visit our store in Swindon where we can assist you directly.

By offering Beacon's Jelly Tots, we've not only catered to the nostalgic cravings of South African expats but have also introduced these delightful sweets to a wider British audience. Our commitment to bringing a piece of South Africa to the UK has seen our collection grow, with Beacon's Jelly Tots remaining a steadfast favourite among our customers.

Origins of Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots have long been a staple in the UK's palette of sweets, offering a burst of fruity flavour that echoes the nostalgia of our childhoods. These vibrant, sugar-coated treats, while a beloved UK origin story, have a rich history that spans continents. Notably, the South African variant, Beacon's Jelly Tots, has woven itself into the fabric of South African culinary tradition, becoming a symbol of home for many. We've observed the growing popularity of these treats across the UK, and it's easy to see why.

At The South African Spaza Shop, we've carved a niche for ourselves by bringing a taste of South Africa to the UK. When Steven East, our founder, moved from South Africa to Swindon, he brought along his love for Beacon's famous Jelly Tots. The absence of this cherished snack in his new home sparked an idea. Why not introduce these delightful sweets to other South Africans living in the UK? And so, the journey began. Our shop has become a beacon of hope for expats seeking a taste of home. It's more than just a store; it's a community hub that connects people through shared memories and tastes.

Beacon's Jelly Tots are available in our Swindon store, where customers can indulge in purchasing these fruity treats directly or have them delivered by ordering from our website. We've made it our mission to ensure that everyone in the UK, including those in Scotland, Wales, and England, can enjoy these flavours of South Africa. And for our friends in Ireland, we extend a warm invitation to visit our store; we'd love to help you savour these cherished sweets.

Embracing the digital age has enabled us to broaden our reach, making Beacon's Jelly Tots more accessible than ever before. Through our website, nostalgia is just a click away, offering an array of flavours, including blackcurrant, lemon, lime, strawberry, and orange. Each order is packed with care, ensuring that a piece of South Africa lands right at your doorstep.

With each packet of Beacon's Jelly Tots, we're not just selling sweets; we're bridging continents and bringing people together. It's incredible to see how these small, chewy treats have become a symbol of connection and joy for so many.

Flavours of Jelly Tots

Beacon Jelly Tots Original

When we think of embodying the taste of childhood and the vibrant heritage of South Africa in a single bite, Beacon Jelly Tots Original come to mind. These timeless treats capture the essence of fruity delight with a mix of blackcurrant, lemon, lime, strawberry, and orange flavours. The 100g packs are not just sweets; they're a journey to nostalgia. What sets these particular Jelly Tots apart is their commitment to being Free of Artificial Colours, Flavours, or Preservatives. It's no wonder their popularity has soared among those looking for a guilt-free, vegan-friendly snack option. We've seen firsthand how these Jelly Tots have become a staple for those seeking a burst of joy and a taste of South African warmth here in the UK.

Beacon Jelly Tots Power Sour

For those who crave a bit more adventure in their snacks, Beacon Jelly Tots Power Sour steps up to the challenge. Like its original counterpart, this 100g pack is loaded with the same commitment to natural ingredients but with a twist. The power sour range includes an extra kick that tantalises the taste buds, offering a perfect balance of sweet and sour that's hard to resist. Each pack is a blend of delicious flavours Enhanced with a Sour Tang making each bite an exciting experience. It's a brilliant choice for the daring and those looking to spice up their snacking routine. As we've expanded our offerings, we've noticed a growing trend of customers leaning towards this bold choice, proving that sometimes, a bit of sour adds the perfect touch to sweetness.

How Jelly Tots are Made

In the UK, the appetite for jelly tots has been on a consistent rise, marking an era of nostalgia coupled with a keen sense for quality sweets. Amongst this growing trend, The South African Spaza Shop has carved out a special niche for itself, especially when it comes to delivering the authentic taste of Beacon's Jelly Tots right to the UK's doorstep.

Having launched years ago, after Steven East, our founder moved from South Africa to Swindon, we have witnessed first-hand the evolution of this confectionery's popularity. Steven's own craving for Beacon’s iconic Jelly Tots spurred us to not just indulge in these delightful sweets ourselves but also to share them with the wider South African community in the UK. It wasn’t long before the broader UK market caught on, making Beacon's Jelly Tots a favoured choice among various demographics.

Our store in Swindon stands as a testament to this journey, offering both a collection and a direct purchase option for these coveted treats. Recognizing the modern consumer's preference for convenience, we've extended our reach through our website, facilitating online orders and delivering across Scotland, Wales, and England. We welcome everyone, including our friends from Ireland, to visit our store or explore our website for a taste of home. With Beacon's Jelly Tots available in tantalizing flavours like blackcurrant, lemon, lime, strawberry, and orange, it's no wonder they've found a special place in the hearts of many.

Moreover, our commitment to accessibility and convenience is matched only by our dedication to capturing the essence of the South African snacking experience. Whether you're longing for a taste of nostalgia or eager to discover the unique blend of fruity flavours that Beacon's Jelly Tots have to offer, we’re here to ensure these treats are just an order away.

Visitors to our website can find their favourite Beacon Jelly Tots Original pack and more, ensuring that regardless of where one is in the UK, the authentic taste of South Africa is never too far. Through our efforts, we hope to continue bridging the gap, bringing a piece of South African heritage to every corner of the UK.

Popular Uses of Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots have become increasingly popular in the UK, with their bright colours and appealing fruity flavours captivating people of all ages. At The South African Spaza Shop, we've observed an enduring love for these chewy treats, especially among the expatriate community looking for a taste of home. Beacon's Jelly Tots, in particular, have a loyal following due to their authentic South African flavour and quality.

When Steven East moved from South Africa to Swindon, one of the things he missed most were Beacon's famous Jelly Tots. Recognizing a gap in the market and driven by a personal craving, he decided to introduce these beloved treats to the UK. We're now proud to offer Beacon's Jelly Tots at our store in Swindon and through our website. Customers from across Scotland, Wales, England, and even Ireland have savoured these sweets, either by visiting us in-store or by choosing our convenient delivery options.

These fruity delights come in tantalising flavours including blackcurrant, lemon, lime, strawberry, and orange. Whether it's for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or to introduce a new generation to these tiny joys, Beacon's Jelly Tots are versatile in their usage. Not only are they perfect as a stand-alone snack, but they also work wonderfully as cake decorations, party favours, or as colourful additions to dessert recipes.

Our commitment extends beyond providing a beloved snack; we aim to kindle warm memories of South Africa and bring a piece of its vibrant culture to the UK. Shoppers can either pop into our store in Swindon or browse our website to place an order for these sugary treats. Our delivery service ensures that anyone in the UK can enjoy a packet of Beacon's Jelly Tots whenever they like, bringing a little joy and colour into their lives with every bite.

Shop Jelly Tots Online

In recent years, we've witnessed an incredible surge in the popularity of jelly tots in the UK, a trend that has sweet lovers rejoicing—and for good reason. These small, sugar-coated gems have become synonymous with childhood and comfort for many. At the heart of this sweet revolution is The South African Spaza Shop, a cornerstone for expatriates and locals alike in Swindon. Our journey began when our founder, Steven East, relocated from South Africa, bringing with him a deep craving for Beacon's renowned jelly tots. Missing the flavours of home, he embarked on a mission to make these cherished treats accessible to South Africans in the UK and anyone with a taste for vibrant, fruity sweets.

Beacon's Jelly Tots, with their unmistakable taste and rainbow of flavours including blackcurrent, lemon, lime, strawberry, and orange, hold a special place in our inventory and our hearts. Recognising their potential to spark joy and nostalgia, Steven decided it was imperative to include them in our offering. Our store in Swindon began to feature Beacon's Jelly Tots prominently, and we soon extended our reach through our online platform, making it easier than ever for fans across Scotland, Wales, England, and even visitors from Ireland to indulge in these delightful candies.

Our website has become a go-to destination for purchasing Beacon's Jelly Tots, whether one is looking to reminisce about the tastes of South Africa or discover these flavours for the first time. Customers have the convenience of browsing our online selection and opting for home delivery, ensuring they can enjoy these sweets regardless of location. For those who prefer a more tactile shopping experience, our store in Swindon welcomes visitors with open arms, offering not only Beacon's Jelly Tots but a wide range of South African favourites that cater to the diaspora's tastes and the curious British palate alike.

At The South African Spaza Shop, we're committed to bridging the gap between South African culinary traditions and the UK's diverse food scene. Offering Beacon's Jelly Tots, both in-store and online, is a testament to our dedication to spreading happiness through food. We invite everyone to explore our selection and experience the joy of these colourful, fruity treats for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Jelly Tots changed?

Jelly Tots have evolved to cater to the growing demand for vegan and animal-free products.

When did Jelly Tots get discontinued?

Jelly Tots, along with Tangy Tots, faced discontinuation in 2004.

Are Jelly Tots still a thing?

Absolutely! Jelly Tots continue to be a beloved snack, made with real fruit juice and free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. As a product of Beacon, Jelly Tots invite people of all ages to enjoy their playful, colourful, and chewy delights.

Did Jelly Tots used to be flat?

Yes, Jelly Tots did indeed start as flattish discs before evolving into their current dome shape. Older generations might fondly recall their original shape from years gone by.

Are Jelly Tots soft?

Yes, Beacon Jelly Tots are known for their soft, chewy texture. Each piece is packed with a burst of fruity flavour. From Lemon to Lime, Tutti-frutti to Orange, each flavour offers a unique taste adventure.