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Where can you buy Boerewors?

Where can you buy Boerewors?

Boerewors, a South African culinary staple, is as synonymous with the nation's food culture as the iconic braai. In this article, we explore everything from what boerewors is, to the best ways to cook it, and where you can purchase this delicious sausage, whether you're near a South African 'spaza' shop, in Swindon, or browsing online.

What is Boerewors?

Boerewors, derived from the Afrikaans words 'boer' (farmer) and 'wors' (sausage), is a traditional South African sausage known for its coiled shape, coarse texture, and a mixture of spiced beef, pork, or lamb. The unique flavour profile of boerewors comes from vinegar, spices such as coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice. This sausage is a staple at any braai but also enjoys popularity in stews and other cooked dishes.

The Best Way to Cook Boerewors

The quintessential method to cook boerewors is on a braai, South Africa's beloved barbecue. Cooking boerewors on a braai not only enhances its flavours with a smoky essence but also celebrates the social aspect of South African cooking. To achieve the perfect braai'd boerewors, allow your coals to settle to a white glow to ensure even cooking without burning the sausage. Regularly turning the boerewors ensures that it cooks evenly, preserving its juicy flavours inside a crisp, perfectly charred casing.

Online Groceries Store: South African Spaza Shop

For those looking to buy boerewors outside of South Africa, several online grocery stores cater specifically to South African expatriates and cuisine enthusiasts. These virtual 'spaza' shops, an informal convenience shop in South Africa, often carry a wide range of South African groceries, including authentic boerewors. At South African Spaza shop, we shop nation wide within Great Britain - free shipping for orders for £100 too!

If you are based in South West or visiting, you're in luck. Our physical shop is based in Swindon, our shop boasts a broad selection of South African groceries. We provide way beyond than boerewors, including other South African favourites like biltong, rusks, and Savanna cider. Our address is: Unit 10, Woodside Park, Woodside Rd, Swindon SN3 4WA. For those unable to visit in person, visit our online store here!

Whether you're throwing a traditional braai, cooking up a hearty stew, or simply looking to explore new culinary horizons, boerewors offers a taste of South Africa's rich culinary tradition. Visit our store in person or view our shop to see our wide range of options of South African classics.

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